Outdoors is a playground

personal fitness


Gyms are fine if you like recycled air, machines, mirrors and MTV but if you’d prefer your training sessions to be a bit more down to earth and your shower to be a dip in the sea then Terrain could be for you.

I like to get my clients outside where only fresh air goes straight into their lungs, there’s the trees to look up through at crunch time and the uneven surfaces are a great way to constantly keep your balance in check.

I mix up to date equipment like TRX suspension systems with what the environment provides - you’d be amazed how many exercises you can do using a park bench. This approach also means a training program you can follow when on your own without loads of equipment in addition to our sessions.

1 to 1 training or your own mini group

Training one on one is the surest way to achieve your goals in the fastest time but if you’d prefer to train in a group why not do it with friends rather than strangers - it’s a great way to push each other along and share some of the costs.